Welcome! It was originally a fan-made project for our own usage. But we thought that it would be useful for the entire MTG community, so we made it public.

Manage Collection

This is a tool to help you organize your collection. It is especially useful if the size of the collection is already large, and there are many places to store cards (albums, decks, boxes).


  • Manage digital versions of your physical storages (albums, decks, etc.)
  • Manage the cards. You can set condition, language, and add comment to any of your cards.
  • Storage statistics. Shows the total number of cards in the storage, the number of mythic/rare/uncommon cards, and the total price of all cards.
  • Public link. You can make the storage available to everyone by the link. For example, a storage with cards for exchange.
  • …and much more, in the future :)

Browse All Cards

This is a simple card viewer from the core and expansion sets.


  • Search cards inside the selected set.
  • Show basic information on the card and its price.
  • Display the selected card in your collection.

…and if you want to find out more in-depth information about MTG cards, then use scryfall.com — they're awesome!